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Accreditation Program Manual - Accreditation ...

Version 16 – April 2024 The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is a federal Crown corporation established by the Standards Council of Canada Act (“the Act”) of the Parliament in 1970 to foster and promote efficient and...

SCC is the first Canadian accreditation body ...

The Standards Council of Canada has expanded its roster of services with an Aerospace Quality Management Systems Accreditation Program (AQMS) recognized by the International Aerospace Quality Group . We are now the first and...

Policy on Accreditation Symbol Use

SCC makes accreditation and recognition symbols available to accredited or recognized organizations (“Organization”) to illustrate their accreditation status with SCC. These symbols are specific to a particular accreditation...

Accreditation and environmental sustainability

Every year in June, we join we join the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperative (ILAC) to celebrate World Accreditation Day to promote the value of accreditation and...
Accreditation Bulletin

Streamlining the Accreditation Process

Action required Take note that the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is implementing changes to the accreditation process. Affected customers All accredited CBAP, IBAP, MSAP, VVBAP, CPAP, and SDOAP customers and assessors...
Accreditation Bulletin

Overhauled Accreditation Program Overview

Action required SCC’s Accreditation Program Overview has been redesigned, and is now broken down into separate Program Overviews for each accreditation program. Customers are urged to take note of these changes and update...
Accreditation Bulletin

Updated Accreditation Services Program Overview

Action required Effective the date of release of this bulletin, all customers are required to note the changes in the revised Accreditation Program Overview . Affected customers All customers and applicants in all SCC...