Canadian communities are feeling the increasing impacts of climate change, and the consequences are far-reaching. The adoption of standards becomes crucial as decision-makers and professionals seek the necessary tools and support to effectively plan, design, and maintain climate-resilient, nature-positive, and sustainable communities across the country. The Standards to Support Resilience in Infrastructure Program (SSRIP) is dedicated to addressing this need. 


We are working on strategies and solutions to tackle the following extreme weather issues.

Canadians Prospering in a Changing Climate: The Role of Standards


SCC is making a difference by delivering standardization strategies to mitigate the impact we have on the environment and thrive in a changing climate. 


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Standards and guidance for flooding


Developing a stormwater quality management standard (QMS) in light of a changing climate 


Under one umbrella: Practical approaches for reducing flood risks in Canada 


Federal flood mapping guidelines series standardizations workshop summary report 


Weathering the storm: Developing a Canadian standard for flood-resilient existing communities


Preventing disaster before it strikes: Developing a Canadian standard for new flood-resilient residential communities 


Rising Seas and Shifting Sands: Combining Natural and Grey Infrastructure to Protect Canada’s Eastern and Western Coastal Communities

CSA W210:21 Prioritization of flood risk in existing communities

CSA W204:19 Flood resilient design of new residential communities

CSA W211:21 Management standard for stormwater systems

Standards and guidance on sewer systems

Reducing the risk of inflow and infiltration in new sewer construction 

Developing an Efficient and Cost-Effective Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) Reduction Program 

CAN/BNQ 3682-320 Mitigation of the Risks of Inflow and Infiltration in New Sanitary Sewer Systems

Standards and guidance for high winds

Increasing high wind safety for Canadian homes

Risk reduction measures to reduce risk to life, health and property from high winds associated with tornadoes, hurricanes, and other types of extreme weather events.

Standard for designing and constructing Canadian homes

CSA S520:22 Design and construction of low-rise residential and small buildings to resist high wind