AI accreditation pilot

Accreditation offers oversight to help ensure that standards related to AI are being used effectively. As Canada’s national accreditation body, we accredit conformity assessment bodies to nationally and internationally recognized standards. 


In 2022 we launched a pilot to define and test requirements with a future goal of developing an accreditation program for AI management systems.  

Ernst and Young LLP (EY Canada) acted as the certification body role to trial this assessment, and ATB Financial acted as a trial certification AI developer/user. Both provided valuable feedback on the usability of the draft ISO/IEC 42001 standard. The pilot also examined the use of 

We completed the pilot in 2023 and will use the lessons learned from this initiative as we work on the development of an AI management systems accreditation program offering. This will be similar to our other management systems programs, with a focus on governance and organizational requirements, and will leverage the final ISO/IEC 42001.


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