National Standards Strategy

With standardization accounting for up to 17% of Canada’s GDP growth, the standardization system has a massive role in securing the success of pandemic recovery efforts and sustaining Canadian leadership on the international stage.


Standards make life safer, healthier, more prosperous, and sustainable for communities and businesses. SCC is proud to launch a new National Standards Strategy (NSS) that will put the full power of the standards system to work for the social and economic benefit of everyone in Canada.


The NSS is a comprehensive strategy that explores new thinking and new priorities and engages with new stakeholders in the standards network. It considers the current geopolitical environment, national concerns and critical issues that will have far-reaching consequences if they are not addressed. This strategy serves as a consensus-built review and path forward.


Download the National Standards Strategy



Why a National Standards Strategy? 

The NSS will set the future direction of Canada’s standards system and enhance the country’s position as a standardization leader at international levels. The Strategy advances SCC’s Corporate Plan and our efforts to ensure all Canadians can reap the full benefits of standardization. 



Effective implementation of the strategy will ensure: 

  • Canada’s success in the international marketplace in the years ahead. 
  • The standards system is intentionally diverse, flexible and inclusive enough to meet the market needs of all consumers, including under-represented groups. 
  • Canadian businesses enhance domestic supply chains by facilitating access and understanding to standards.