With standardization, Canada’s innovations reach new heights globally and at home. Standards help innovators commercialize their product or service, scale up, reduce development costs, and increase revenue. Since standards reflect the views of the people who develop them, participating in standardization also helps innovators to:


  • shape their industry
  • access and secure new markets
  • drive innovation and improve productivity
  • influence marketplace rules
  • protect and exploit intellectual property

Intellectual Property and standardization

Protected intellectual property can be embedded into standards, making Canadian companies more competitive. 

We collaborate with innovators and guide them along the path to standardization by: 


  • identifying promising innovations that would benefit from international standardization
  • build the case internationally for why Canada should be entrusted to lead in developing relevant standards
  • get support from key partners and approval for new work item proposals
  • select and support Canadian innovators to be elected as chairs or secretaries of relevant technical committees to manage and guide the standards drafting process
  • support Canadian innovators to better use their technology’s intellectual property to influence standards
  • design supportive international certification and accreditation programs to increase access to international markets and facilitate regulatory compliance once standards are published
  • engage Canadian regulators to ensure that new standards supporting Canadian innovations are referenced in relevant federal, provincial and territorial regulations and in procurement, where appropriate

Topics of interest

General Data Protection Regulation

Canadian organizations need to abide by this regulation if they offer goods or services to, or monitor the behaviour of, EU data subjects. 

Clean technology

Clean technology innovation and commercialization is key to facing the challenges of climate change and enabling a net zero future.

Cover report of SCC's Innovation Initiative

SCC's Innovation Initiative: Propelling Canada to lead the Innovation Race


Whether it is a company that has developed a cutting-edge idea, or an established business that is adapting to stay relevant, innovation offers organizations the key to success. Read the Innovation Initiative final report to learn more about the program and Canadian innovation projects.


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Fuelling innovation with standardization

Doc Brown fuelling the DeLorean with garbage to get “Back to the Future”—that’s what you might think of the first time you hear about Terragon’s MAGSTM device. 

Standards and Intellectual Property: two peas in an innovative pod

Standardization and IP are both important strategic approaches to promoting innovation, facilitating market access, and developing competitiveness.

Propelling Canada to lead the innovation race

Five years—more than 130 companies helped—Canadian leadership established internationally in standardization—amid a global pandemic: this is the story of the Innovation Initiative.

Case studies and news items

Case studies

SCC has worked with many innovators over the years. Find out how we help them navigate the standardization world.

SCC and BDC pair up to bolster Canadian business

SCC and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) have joined forces to broaden awareness of standardization and IP opportunities. 

SCC and Canadian Intellectual Property Office join forces to boost Canadian innovation

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and the SCC have paired up, bolstering their partnership. 


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Get involved in standards development

By participating in standardization and shaping the standards of tomorrow, you can become a global leader at the very forefront of your industry, while helping to advance the health, safety and economic well-being of all Canadians.

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Browse our database to search for published National Standards of Canada and international standards. You can also search for Other Recognized Documents. Find out where to buy the standards you need.

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We offer a wide range of internationally recognized accreditation programs and training across many conformity assessment areas.

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Our standardization courses will help deepen your knowledge and ability to successfully use standards, and better understand how standardization works.