Diversity and inclusion are essential for a fair and prosperous society. All people should have the right to equal opportunities and respect, and this will be the foundation for a more peaceful, sustainable, and resilient world.


We’re leading initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion in:
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Gender and Diversity

Gender and standardization

Our Gender and Standardization Strategy outlines a path forward for Canada to address the gender gap in standardization and to understand the causes and effects of this gap. 

50-30 Challenge

The 50–30 Challenge aims to give underrepresented groups better access to positions on corporate boards and in senior management.

News articles and resources

Paving the way for gender responsive standards

SCC participated as Co-Convenor with Sweden on the ISO/IEC Joint Strategic Advisory Group on Gender Responsive Standards.

Decoding Gender-Responsive Standards

Listen to insights from our own Michelle Parkouda in her guest appearance on the Women in Science and Engineering) Podcast Series

ISO Gender Action Plan

Find out more about ISO’s Action plan and standards for SDG 5: Gender Equality.

IEC Strategic Plan

One of the themes for the IEC Strategic Plan is on “building an inclusive, diverse, innovative and agile organization”.


Find out more about how IEC contributes to inclusion and diversity.


SCC shared key findings on gender bias in data and AI at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s WP.6 annual meeting.


As Chair of the Team of Specialists on Gender-Responsive Standards under WP.6, we gave an update on the development of a Gender and Salutation Code list for electronic communication.  

Inclusion and accessibility

Accessibility is important in making sure the world we live in is fair and equitable for everyone. Standards can ensure that best practices are used for creating spaces and systems that are accessible for all.

SCC's 2023-2025 Accessibility Plan

As an organization, SCC is committed to being more accessible. Accessibility is important in making sure the world we live in is fair and equitable for everyone. As the organization that promotes standardization that aims to improve health, safety and overall quality of life, we understand the importance of accessibility standards and how they improve the lives of people with disabilities. We are committed to using the same spirit of innovation we use in our work to promote accessibility practices in our organization. This plan is one part of our commitment to always do better for people who live with disabilities. 

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