Standards development courses

Our standards development courses will help deepen your knowledge and ability to successfully use standards. They will also help position you to effectively participate in shaping the future of standardization in Canada and internationally.


These courses are designed to give SCC members and other interested professionals the tools to:

  • get involved in Canada’s standardization network
  • leverage the economic and societal benefits of standards

SCC orientation modules

Discover the Canadian Standardization Network

SCC orientation module, course 1


This course covers:
•    SCC’s role 
•    what standards are
•    how to find and use standards 
•    why standards are developed

Canadian Participation in International Standards Development

SCC orientation module, course 2


This course covers:
•    mirror committees
•    development of national consensus

Introduction to Canadian Standards Development

SCC orientation module, course 3


This course covers:
•    National Standards of Canada (NSCs) 
•    list of published standards

Accreditation of Standards Development Organizations

SCC orientation module, course 4


This course covers:
•    requirements for standards development organizations 
•    approval of NSCs

Responsibilities for the Distribution and Sale of ISO/IEC Standards in Canada

SCC orientation module, course 5


This course covers:
•    SCC’s membership at ISO and IEC
•    distribution of international standards 
•    national adoptions

Standardization courses

Standardization: An Important Economic Lever

This course covers:
•    standardization system
•    benefits for businesses and markets

Create Value for your Business with Standardization

This course covers:
•    technical details and case studies
•    worksheets and templates for business use

How we deliver our courses

Anytime, anywhere learning 
Our self-paced online courses are ideal if you love to learn at your own pace. They offer recorded presentations, interactive exercises and self-assessment quizzes. You can also earn certificates for taking our courses.

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