Canadian businesses need to compete in the global economy. Standardization facilitates international trade by reducing barriers to trade. This levels the playing field and enables export.

Trade and standardization

International trade

International trade is more complex and competitive than ever before. Some estimates say that around 80% of world trade today is affected by standards. We help break down international trade barriers so Canadian businesses can compete successfully in the global economy.

CETA CA protocol

The Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement aims to facilitate trade, and support market access and opportunities. The protocol enables Canadian businesses to save time and money in certification.

TCA CA protocol

The Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement aims to facilitate trade between Canada and the UK to enable Canadian businesses to be more competitive in the UK market.

Canadian free trade

Differing requirements across Canadian jurisdictions can create trade barriers for products, services, and professionals. We work with government and industry to reduce these barriers.

Officials sign agreement at table with Canadian and Mongolian flags in background

SCC launches Indo-Pacific standardization activities with Mongolia agreement

As part of the federal government’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is pleased to announce that it is playing a key role in implementing Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and receiving 2.5 million to undertake activities that will enhance trade, investment, and supply chain resilience in the region.

News articles

Unleashing trade potential: the power of accreditation for Canadian businesses

Using international standards and accredited conformity assessment in regulations can instill confidence in goods and services, allowing businesses access to a broader international marketplace while enhancing the quality and safety of imports. 

Paving the road to global markets for Canada

SMEs face many challenges when breaking into the global market. According to a new research report by the Standards Council of Canada, standardization may be one of the keys to increasing Canadian SME export. 

SCC and UKAS team up to strengthen relationship between Canada-UK accreditation systems

The renewed agreement signals a refocus on Canada-UK relations within the context of accreditation and conformity assessments, which can play a key role in facilitating trade between Canada and the UK.


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Speaking the Same Technical Language: The Trade Impact of Canada’s Participation in Regional Standardization Organizations

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Get involved in standards development

By participating in standardization and shaping the standards of tomorrow, you can become a global leader at the very forefront of your industry, while helping to advance the health, safety and economic well-being of all Canadians.

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Browse our database to search for published National Standards of Canada and international standards. You can also search for Other Recognized Documents. Find out where to buy the standards you need.

Learn about accreditation

We offer a wide range of internationally recognized accreditation programs and training across many conformity assessment areas.

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Our standardization courses will help deepen your knowledge and ability to successfully use standards, and better understand how standardization works.