At SCC, we develop guidelines for our broad portfolio of standards-based solutions to ensure that standardization meets the evolving needs of government, industry and Canadians. These tools are designed to support public policy objectives, commercialization, and the health, safety and well-being of Canadians.    


Towards a more responsive standardization system

The guidelines for this suite of solutions apply to accredited and non-accredited processes. This is to better fit the changing marketplace and to have a more flexible and responsive standardization system. All SCC solutions are intended to uphold the integrity of the system. 


They require:  

  • participation of subject matter experts  
  • consultation  
  • collaboration  
  • transparency  
  • neutrality  
  • structure  

Existing international standards are used whenever possible to prevent barriers to trade.  


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Community-Sourced Guidance

The first step in developing a useful and relevant standard in a subject area is to understand the existing landscape of standards and related documents. CSG collects this...

Workshop Agreement

A WA is a standards document developed through a process meant to enable stakeholders to discuss, negotiate and begin coming to consensus in an open workshop environment, outside...

Publicly Available Specification

A PAS is a standards document suitable to be developed in response to an identified urgent market need. It is often developed at the request of a sponsor to serve the needs of an...

Other Recognized Document

An ORD is a document developed by a certification body, in the absence of a recognized Canadian standard, to establish safety and performance criteria for a new product or...

National Technical Specification

A TS is a standards document developed to address the needs of a fast-paced and changing market or regulatory environment when an existing National Standard of Canada or...

National Standard of Canada

An NSC is a standard developed by an SCC- accredited standards development organization, according to SCC’s Requirements and Guidance based on international best practices. These...