Flexible Standards-Based Strategies and Solutions

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SCC works within the standardization network to find ways to leverage standardization to meet the needs of all its stakeholders – from government to industry, to each Canadian we serve. Those needs are evolving and require new methods of establishing agreement and developing standardized requirements and guidance, and of doing so at a faster pace than ever before. SCC is responding by publishing guidelines to provide a broader portfolio of standardized tools to support public policy objectives, commercialization, as well as the health, safety and well-being of all.

The guidelines for this suite of deliverables apply to accredited and non-accredited processes, to better fit the changing marketplace and to have a more flexible and responsive standardization system. All deliverables are intended to uphold the integrity of the system by requiring participation of subject matter experts, consultation, collaboration, transparency, neutrality, and structure; this includes using relevant existing international standards whenever possible to prevent barriers to trade.