SCC Awards

The SCC Awards recognize the commitment of people, organizations and committees working to dedicate their time and expertise in support of Canada’s national standardization network. These are Canada’s most prestigious awards in standardization. We present them every 2 years. 

Hugh Krentz Award

Awarded to an exceptional leader who made exemplary contributions to advancing national or international standardization work for at least 10 years. This is SCC’s top honour and commemorates Hugh Krentz, who passed away in November 2022. He served as SCC Chairman for 10 years. 

SCC Corporate Commitment Award

Awarded to a group or organization that made exceptional contributions to standardization activities nationally and internationally. This could be a business, academic institute, non-governmental organization, consumer group or government body (federal, territorial, provincial or municipal).

SCC Committee Achievement Award

Awarded to a committee or standardization group that made significant contributions to support Canada’s national standardization network. This could be an advisory committee, technical committee, sub-committee, working group, task group or ad-hoc group.

SCC Young Leader Award

Awarded to a professional under age 40 who contributes to and engages with the standardization network. This person has demonstrated exceptional leadership in standardization.

McMahon Dedicated Service Award

Awarded to an SCC employee who has made notable contributions to standardization. The award is named in memory of Joseph Terrence McMahon. He was an esteemed SCC staff member who exhibited genuine concern and respect for others, a supportive nature and a vast knowledge of standardization.

Meet the 2022 winners

Hugh Krentz Award: 
James Boyden 

As a respected leader, James chaired several committees, including CSA CAC TC279 on ISO 56005 Innovation Management, and MC/ISO/TC 176 Quality Management and Quality Assurance. He was instrumental in developing a new personal protective equipment standard for certification of N95 respirators to allow safe opening of workplaces in Canada. For this, James received the Ontario Public Service Amethyst Award, the Ontario government’s highest honour for individual contributors.

I've been involved in global standards development for decades. I've achieved many accomplishments over the last three decades.


My work has always served to affirm my conviction that standards are the way to overcome a key set of trade barriers and attain harmonization. It may be safety, health, banking or clean drinking water-related.


Internationally harmonized standards have taught me that they are key to making global trade more accessible and economical by removing barriers to do doing business across any and all borders. Reducing regulatory burden is no easy task, but I'm a first-hand believer that this is one of the greatest benefits of my standards work that I've achieved throughout my career.


One of the best experiences I've had doing standards work is meeting different people across the globe. I’ve been fortunate enough in my standards work to collaborate with many countries, and I always find it very rewarding to learn about various cultures first-hand.


I’ve gained a vast network of colleagues who are always never too busy to discuss any topic I would like to talk about. And it’s always nice to know the top experts in their field when you need some guidance down the road.

SCC Committee Achievement Award: Northern Advisory Committee 

The Northern Advisory Committee provides advisory support on standards development under the Northern Infrastructure Standardization Initiative, helping reduce the financial vulnerability of the North and promote the health and safety of people in Canada. For its work, the committee was recognized with the SCC Committee Achievement Award. 

I’m Nelson Pisco. I'm the chair for the Northern Advisory Committee. The Northern Advisory Committee, NAC, provides support on multiple fronts.


First and foremost, we provide oversight and strategic advice to SCC as it pertains to the development of the NISI program. We’ll also contribute and provide recommendations of key topic areas to be considered for standardization. We’ll solicit feedback and ensure that this feedback is reflected in the design of the new standards. Ultimately, we’ll work with SCC to provide input on opportunities to be considered to showcase the standards so that the standards get understood, utilized and ultimately implemented.


The Northern Advisory Committee is honoured to receive this award and we would like to recognize everyone that has contributed to this program, such as the working group committees, technical committees and CSA and BNQ.

SCC Young Leader Award: Tommy Chiu

Tommy Chiu was recognized as this year’s Young Leader for his contributions to national and international standards in the electrotechnical sector. He advocates for telecommunications industry standards and smart building initiatives that conserve energy and minimize environment impact.

I went to engineering school at UBC in Vancouver and have been working as a building consulting engineer for more than a decade.


I read, implement and utilize codes and standards every day in order to properly deliver engineering projects and help create a better, safer, and more sustainable world for the general public.


So I would strongly suggest that young professionals apply today and to share your innovative ideas and get your voice heard in the international arena, help us to help you to become a better engineer.


It is obviously an honour to receive this prestigious award from SCC. And, it really reassures me that I am heading in the right direction.

McMahon Dedicated Service Award: 
Anneke Olvera

Anneke Olvera has been with SCC for over 20 years, and has been an outstanding ambassador for SCC and standardization. Her dedication helped define SCC’s long-term strategy for data and AI standards, and her expert facilitation has helped educate and inspire external collaborators to become more engaged in standardization leadership.

For me, standardization is one of the most rewarding careers. It is one of those areas where no matter where you look, whether you're looking at the structure that you live in or you are examining the services that you're receiving, standardization is involved.


Most favourite projects are the ones where I get to work with large, diverse groups of people and to work with them to listen to each other and to agree on a certain path forward for the good of either the community or health and safety or the economy. And this award means quite a lot to me because I've grown up with the Standards Council of Canada.


I started as a summer student, I got married while I was working at the Standards Council of Canada. I had children while I was at the Standards Council of Canada. I had illnesses while I was at the Standards Council of Canada. I graduated a couple of degrees while I was at the Standards Council of Canada. So it's been there for me for all of those huge milestones and along the way, I have made a huge community of friends, both those that I work with as well as those in the international community that I get to spend time with.


And so it's part of my life, it's been there every step of the way. And so receiving this award is an acknowledgement more for me of what SCC has meant to me.

Special recognition: CSA Group Technical Subcommittee on Long-Term Care Homes and HSO Long-Term Care Services Technical Committee 

In 2022, SCC also recognized these committees for their complementary work on two LTC standards that will create safer physical LTC environments and improve the delivery of high-quality LTC services across Canada. Their dedication and agility in responding to an urgent need for setting new standards in health also raised the profile of standardization to the public.

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