Clean technology innovation and commercialization is an important factor in dealing with the challenges of climate change and enabling a net zero future. 


We support Canadian cleantech innovators through standardization activities that promote commercialization and market access. We help: 

  • support the development of new standards 
  • develop conformity assessment programs based on existing standards, such as ISO 14034 Environmental management – Environmental technology verification
  • increase participation on technical committees
  • connect directly with cleantech companies through our to develop a customized standardization strategy and identify funding to support their projects 


As a member of the Clean Growth Hub, we are one part of the federal ecosystem that supports advancement in clean technology. If you’re a cleantech innovator, connect with us for targeted guidance and support on your standardization journey at 



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Shining the global spotlight on Canada

We help give Canada a strong presence on the international stage. Common standards are critical to support global trade and regulatory harmonization. Countries that are central to developing those standards, particularly for emerging technologies, can gain a competitive edge.


We make sure that Canada has a seat at these tables through the hundreds of technical committees that our International Standards Branch facilitates. These include longstanding committees such as TC 207 Environmental Management, and exciting new working groups focused on the future – the circular economy, sustainable finance and the sharing economy. Each of these is key to dealing with impacts of climate change.


We also support Canadian involvement in other committees whose work contributes to the UN 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as enabling wider access to clean water or sanitary facilities. 


TC 207 Environmental Management

Case studies

Questor Technology: Using clean tech to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Questor Technology Inc. is a Calgary-based clean tech company that provides high efficiency waste gas combustion systems. Their mission is to change the way the world handles waste gas combustion systems.

CarbonCure: Capturing CO2 for “greener” concrete worldwide

CarbonCure is a company that is reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment by using recycled CO2 to improve the manufacturing of concrete. CarbonCure’s technology is installed in concrete plants across the world to permanently sequester or “lock in” carbon dioxide by injecting it into concrete as it is mixed.

Nature Fibres: Bio-based material for more sustainable construction

Nature Fibres was the first company in North America to manufacture bio-based construction material at an industrial scale, providing a more environmental alternative to existing products.


Discover the companies and innovators driving growth in Canada’s cleantech sector with support from robust standards solutions. 

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Connect with us for targeted guidance and support on your standardization journey at