Canada is rich in natural resources, innovative technologies and talent. We have what it takes to be a world leader across many industries. Strong standardization, which includes standards and conformity assessment, plays a key role in that leadership.


The Standards Council of Canada works with governments and industry to advance new technologies and strengthen value chains through standardization. We focus on the following areas of work:

Green field being irrigated by a tractor


The business of agriculture ranges from food safety to environmental management. Standardization help streamline processes, increase efficiency and build in safety measures.

Climat/globe illustration

Climate and sustainability

Global changes in population, resource depletion, and in climate and the ecosystem have made sustainability essential. Standardization can help ensure sustainable future development.

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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion lead to stronger businesses. But implementing best practices is a challenge. Standardization can be the starting point to a more diverse and inclusive world.

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Understanding the basics and benefits of standards and conformity assessment can be complex. We’re engaging with academia and future industry leaders on the value of standardization.

Wind, sun and water energy


Canada has the potential to be a world leading producer and exporter of energy, from natural gas to renewable sources. Guided by standardization, Canada will be on track to achieve its net-zero targets.

health care worker helping elderly person walk

Health and well-being

Ensuring the health and well-being of Canadians is key to what we do. Standards and conformity assessment provide solutions for challenges that affect our most vulnerable citizens.

Man touching screen showing digital fingerprint

Digital technology

Artificial intelligence, data governance, digital identity and cybersecurity affect Canadians through the products and services we rely on every day. Standardization is needed to increase interoperability and build trust. 

Asian businessman watching hologram screens


With standardization, Canada’s technologies can reach new heights globally and at home. Standards support innovation, enable companies to bring new products to market and foster scale-up, creating opportunities for Canadians.

silhouette of group discussion at table with world project in background

Regulation, policy, and public safety

Standards and conformity assessment are agile tools to support regulations and policies. They stay current amid technological and environmental changes to help ensure health and safety.

High angle view on Cargo crane container terminal

Trade and global market access

Canadian businesses need to compete in the global economy. Standardization facilitates international trade by reducing barriers to trade. This levels the playing field and enables export.

Autonomous transportation on highway


Safe transportation is about moving people and supporting secure, sustainable transport for industry. Developing new technologies using standardization is essential.