A TS is a standards document developed to address the needs of a fast-paced and changing market or regulatory environment when an existing National Standard of Canada or international standard is
not available. A TS can be used to fill a gap or to provide standardization for work still under technical development. It can also be used when developing and obtaining consensus for a full standard is not immediately possible. A TS is developed using a non-accredited process, under an accelerated timeline, and subject to the minimum of a limited peer review, with the option of full public comment.

A TS is:

  • Developed by technical subject matter experts and/or interested parties, under the direction of a developer with standards development experience and subject matter expertise
  • Developed following a sound project approval process, allowing for comment, reconciliation, and consensus
  • A document that is expected to be superseded by the development of a full standard
  • Ideal when speed of delivery is key, such as serving to facilitate commercialization
  • Not restricted to accredited standards development organizations for development
1. Need identified
Establish the stakeholder need (e.g., innovators, industry, Authority Having Jurisdiction)
2. Notice of Development
Inform the public/stakeholders of intent to develop a TS
3. Technical Experts
Identify and engage technical experts
4. Draft
Draft the TS in accordance with the outlined process
5. Technical Approval
Approve based on evidence of consensus reached by the technical experts
6. Publication
Publish final content and make available under reasonable terms and conditions
7. Maintenance
Maintain TS according to a suitable lifecycle to address market needs

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