International standards development is fueled by professionals who join committees to represent their country. 


Our members share their time and expertise to advance Canada’s best interests through mirror committees and governance work at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

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Mirror committees determine Canada’s position on standards that are developed at ISO and IEC. Join a committee and start shaping the future of your sector.

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Participate in governance work 


Experts at the governance level:
•    shape the strategic activities at ISO and IEC
•    guide the rules for developing international standards

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Estimated value of the time our volunteer members contribute to standards development


Benefits of participating

When you join a mirror committee, you will: 
•    receive training on standardization and how it works
•    exchange with experts from Canada and around the world
•    influence and contribute to emerging trends
•    shape the future of global standardization and conformity assessment
•    advance the health, safety and well-being of Canadians
•    boost your organization’s competitiveness

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“I am so glad I got involved in standardization. It gives me the opportunity to make a difference by using my expertise to help Canada lead in digital health innovation, support better and faster patient care for Canadians, and ensure that my organization stays at the leading edge.”


Elizabeth Keller, Vice-President, Business Development & Stakeholder Relations, OntarioMD and Head of Delegation (Canada) for ISO/TC 215, the technical committee on health informatics

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How international standards are developed

International Standards are developed by the technical committees and subcommittees of ISO and the IEC. SCC facilitates the participation of Canadian experts in developing ISO/IEC International Standards through its mirror committees.

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Find out more about the value of standardization and how standards are developed and used in our series of orientation modules.