A PAS is a standards document suitable to be developed in response to an identified urgent market need. It is often developed at the request of a sponsor to serve the needs of an emergent market, technology, service or public policy interest. 

The PAS approach offers an effective means of quickly introducing standardization, and for testing the value or validity of a particular approach or methodology.
It can also serve as the basis for subsequent development towards more formal standardization.

A PAS is:

  • Sponsored by industry leaders, government and public sector, trade associations and professional bodies
  • Developed by a steering group of stakeholders selected from relevant fields, in conjunction with public consultation, and drafted by a technical author, following a process of comment, reconciliation, and consensus
  • A fast-track solution with a client-driven approach to develop, design and delivery of the document
  • Ideal for establishing: a specification; code of practice; guide; method of test; vocabulary; or classification
  • Not restricted to accredited standards development organizations for development
1. Sponsorship
Stakeholder need identified and PAS committed via contract
2. Scoping
Research into stakeholders, development of scope and base document by technical author, under dedicated project manager from the developer
3. Notice of Development
Inform public/stakeholders of intent to develop PAS
4. Draft
Sponsor/technical author drafts PAS and circulates to steering group for comment and general agreement
5. Steering Group
Technical comment resolution by steering group of experts, chaired by member independent of conflicting interests
6. Public Consultation
Public consultation targeted at a selected review panel identified as having expertise and interest
7. Finalize Draft
Comments from consultation discussed by steering committee to come to general consensus and resolution
8. Publication and Promotion
Final content with acknowledgement of sponsor is designed and delivered
9. Maintenance
After 3 years, interest of sponsor is assessed and document reviewed to determine its future

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