Our modern world would not exist as it does without the use of digitally enabled systems, processes and services. 


As digital technology continues to advance, so do its applications that touch all aspects of our lives. From interoperability to data privacy to ethics for artificial intelligence, standardization is enabling the safe development and use of these technologies. 

AI and data governance


Standardization has a key role to play in ensuring the safe, responsible use of artificial intelligence. We're leading the way in standardization solutions for AI and data governance.

AI and Data Governance Standardization Collaborative

The Collaborative brings together experts and impacted groups to share their knowledge and support national and international alignment in standardization for artificial intelligence and data governance.

AI accreditation pilot

Conformity assessment is a key tool in building trust for products and services. We tested the use of international standards for AI management systems in a unique accreditation pilot project.

Cover report of the Canadian Data Governance Standardization Roadmap

Canadian Data Governance Standardization Roadmap


The Canadian Data Governance Standardization Roadmap describes the current and desired Canadian standardization landscape and makes 35 recommendations to address gaps and explore new areas where standards and conformity assessment are needed.

Read the roadmap

Digital trust


Given the massive amount of financial and personal interaction that takes place online in today’s world, the risked posed to personal data has never been higher. Digital trust is the expectation that organizations providing digital technologies and services will protect their clients' interests and uphold societal values. Digital trust is about more than having a secure website. It’s about being trustworthy and transparent. 

Digital credentials

Digital credentials allow Canadians to confirm their identity during service transactions. With online interaction growing, so is the need for security and trusted access to digital services. 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Canadian organizations need to abide by this regulation protecting personal data if they offer goods or services to, or monitor the behaviour of, EU data subjects. 

Related accreditation programs 

Accreditation and conformity assessment play a vital role by ensuring that standards are applied correctly and consistently. At SCC, we offer a wide range of accreditation programs and training across many conformity assessment areas such as digital technology.

Information Security Management Systems

Anti-Bribery Management Systems

Information Technology Security Evaluation and Testing

Product, Process and Service Certification

News articles

Standards Council of Canada is recruiting participants for the Digital Credentials & Digital Trust Services Initiative

This initiative is a partnership between SCC and the Government of Canada that aims to develop tools that establish trust, enable national and international interoperability, and mitigate risks of platform capture and industry fragmentation. 

Discerning signal from noise: The state of global AI standardization and what it means for Canada

This white paper aims to equip us with the information necessary to understand how best to leverage artificial intelligence standards and conformity assessment to advance Canada’s interests in this space, both at home and abroad.

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