SCC’s young professionals (YPs) develop standards that will fuel Canada’s future prosperity. We support and celebrate their efforts to use standardization to solve today’s economic, social and environmental challenges. 


To become part of SCC’s young professionals program, you need to be involved with a company, business or industry that uses or benefits from standards. You must be:

  • a young, dynamic manager, engineer or technician 
  • between the ages of 21 and 39
  • experienced in working with or developing standards, or involved in conformity assessment activities
  • interested in becoming more involved in ISO/IEC-related activities



Join SCC’s young professionals

Benefits of participation

Connect with other standards professionals and have your say in the international arena. You will:

  • help shape the future of global standardization and conformity assessment
  • participate in networking opportunities
  • help cultivate a long-term environment for the involvement of young people from all over the world in international standardization
  • be part of the successful transfer of knowledge from one generation of Canadian standards professionals to the next
  • learn from seasoned industry experts through SCC’s Mentorship program
  • develop awareness of IEC and ISO's work get involved in international standardization


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“Participating in the IEC Young Professionals Programme was an unforgettable experience. The opportunities to collaborate and network with experts from around the world were phenomenal. I highly recommend young Canadian professionals get involved in the important work of standardization and conformity assessment.”


–  Yunhao Kayla Zhang, Hydro One Networks Inc., 2019 IEC Young Professionals Competition Winner

Stephanie McLarty

“I got involved in standards work to get a global look at what was emerging. I quickly realized there is a lot of opportunity to contribute and help steer the direction of standards. Moreover, I’m a mom now and it’s even more important to me to ensure the long-term sustainability of our planet for my daughter’s generation and beyond.”


Stephanie McLarty, Mirror Committee Chairperson of IEC/TC 111 Environmental Standardization for Electrical and Electronic Products and Systems, 2010 IEC Young Professionals Competition Winner

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