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You can buy standards through our resellers below. SCC does not sell standards.  


To buy standards from SCC-accredited standards development organizations (SDOs), visit their websites using our SDO directory.


Standards come in two formats: 

  • electronic: same-day or immediate delivery to your online account or email address  
  • hard copy: delivery times vary; shipping fees often apply 

Not sure which standard you need? Search our standards database.


Standards database

Standards Store by Accuris

The Standards Store by Accuris offers engineering specifications, standards, manuals and technical publications.



BNQ Shop

Visit the BNQ Shop to purchase the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) standards for civil engineering and urban infrastructure, construction, customer services, agri-food, business management, environment, health at work, protection and safety, horticulture, hydrogen and sustainable development, as well as ISO and IEC standards (adoption).



CSA Store

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) is a global leader in standards development, and testing, inspection and certification. The CSA Store has more than 3,000 standards and codes, and over 30,000 ISO and IEC standards. CSA Group also offers training and personnel certification, and other learning products to meet the needs of standards users.



IEC Webstore

The IEC Webstore publishes and sells International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) international standards for electrical, electronic and related technologies. 



ISO Standards: Online Browsing Platform

Use ISO’s Online Browsing Platform to find and purchase International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, graphic symbols, codes or terms, and definitions you need. 




Nimonik offers global standards and regulations management solutions. Purchase standards in print, PDF and subscription format. Use Nimonik software solution to organize and control requirements from regulations, standards and engineering and design documents.



PECB Store

The PECB Store has a wide range of ISO and IEC standards and related products. The Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) provides education and professional certifications under ISO/IEC 17024 Conformity Assessment. It also offers training and certification services for individuals. 



Techstreet Store

Techstreet sells more than 550,000 industry codes and standards from over 300 publishers. Stay connected to industry codes. Buy digital and print editions from Techstreet’s retail store or learn about the benefits of managing your standards through their subscription platform Techstreet Enterprise.



ULC Standards 

ULC Standards, an SCC-accredited SDO, develops and publishes standards and specifications across a wide range of sectors. This includes crime prevention, energy efficiency, environmental safety, fire, life safety and security, live working, security of assets and facilities, workplace safety and more. Browse and buy standards from the UL Standards Sales Site.



What you should know about copyright licensing

Requests for permission to reproduce or share standards 
You get access to the full version of a standard when you buy it. This access is exclusive for you as the purchaser: you must ask our permission to reproduce or share the standard. 

We protect the integrity of ISO and IEC standards in Canada and prevent them from being reproduced without permission. You may request permission by email at if you are:

  • a business or organization that wants to share a standard with your employees or reproduce the standard, in whole or in part
  • a student who wants to reproduce part of a standard for your thesis 

When requesting permission, please provide proof of purchase for the standard(s) you want to reproduce or share. 

There may be a copyright fee. This fee will depend on how much of the standard(s) is reproduced and if you want to use it for education, for sharing internally or for commercial purposes.

How to best use IEC and ISO standards: A user guide on licensing options and respecting copyright provides more information on how to use standards.

Standards in education

SCC offers eligible academic institutions in Canada access to ISO and IEC standards at a greatly discounted price to use in your curriculum. Direct, easy access to ISO and IEC standards helps students better understand the standardization process, produce higher-quality academic work and become qualified to enter the workforce. Contact for more information or to find out if you are eligible.

Courses and training 

We also offer education on standardization. Find out more about our courses and training.