An NSC is a standard developed by an SCC- accredited standards development organization, according to SCC’s Requirements and Guidance based on international best practices. These requirements may include, but are not limited to, achieving consensus of a balanced committee of stakeholders, holding public consultation, publishing in French and English, and respecting international trade considerations to prevent barriers to trade. NSCs may be nationally developed or may be adoptions of international standards.


  • Works well for technologies and services that are mature and stakeholder consensus is somewhat established
  • Provides assurance that the highest levels of standards development principles were followed for development
  • Requires the most rigorous standards development process
  • Can be product standards, test methods, codes of practice, guideline standards, and management system standards
  • Is developed only by SCC-accredited standards development organizations
1. Need Identification
Establish the stakeholder need (e.g., industry, government)
2. Standards Landscape Review
Eliminate duplication and assess useful sources
3. Stakeholder Engagement
Identify and engage affected stakeholder and technical experts
4. Notice of Development
Public posting of intent to develop NSC
5. Draft
Draft technical committee content following the required process
6. Public Consultation
Post draft for public input
7. Review and Revision
Review and resolve technical committee comments, as applicable
8. Approval
Vote and approve based on technical committee consensus
9. Publication
Publish final content in French and English
10. Maintenance
Follow review and maintenance cycle, typically 5 years

Other standards


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