World Accreditation Day

Learn something new with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) every World Accreditation Day, June 9


Each year, they release a joint statement from the organizations' chairs and host a thematic webinar. Recently, they've focused on how the annual theme aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.




Celebrate this event that highlights how accreditation enhances confidence in the quality of products, infrastructure, systems, and services for consumers, suppliers, buyers, and regulators. 

Join us in championing a future where accreditation remains a steadfast beacon of trust, shaping a world where excellence knows no bounds.

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Bridging innovation and trust: SCC's blueprint to empower global solutions

Joint statement by SCC’s Chantal Guay, CEO and Elias Rafoul, VP Accreditation Services for World Accreditation Day 2024.


We’re excited to share how SCC is using innovation to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. From fighting climate change to embracing digital transformation, we’re driving real-world solutions. 

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Climate Action and Innovation: How SCC’s accreditation is bringing real solutions with verification and validation

At SCC, we’re all about leveraging innovation to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues. From mitigating climate change to ensuring the integrity of environmental claims, our Verification and Validation Accreditation Program is at the forefront of driving real-world solutions.

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Shaping the safe evolution of digital technologies and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies have the potential to deliver significant benefits for Canada and the world, but only if they are developed and used responsibly. Standards and conformity assessment (or assurance) are vital to ensuring that happens. That’s why SCC has been at the forefront of setting those standards and making sure they’re applied appropriately.

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Unleashing trade potential: the power of accreditation for Canadian businesses

For 2023 World Accreditation Day, we explored how businesses can leverage the trust established through accreditation to access broader international markets while elevating the quality and safety of products and services. 

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Accreditation helps us walk the talk on our way to a more sustainable future

Our CEO, Chantal Guay and Accreditation Services V.P Elias Rafoul reflect on the big picture and on ways that accreditation is a powerful tool that can help us address societal challenges for World Standards Day 2022.

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About Accreditation

Accreditation assures competence, fosters reliability, and streamlines industries through rigorous assessments. It recognizes trusted organizations, and is a key driver of efficiency and confidence in global markets.