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Climate Action and Innovation: How SCC’s accreditation is bringing real solutions with verification and validation

At SCC, we’re all about leveraging innovation to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues. From mitigating climate change to ensuring the integrity of environmental claims, our Verification and Validation Accreditation Program is at the forefront of driving real-world solutions.

Why verification and validation matter

ISO/IEC 17029 sets the general principles and requirements for validation and verification bodies, ensuring the accuracy of claims made by companies and organizations. This standard provides a uniform basis for organizations that verify and validate various statements and reports, including environmental performance, sustainability reports, ethical statements, and more.

Validation checks the plausibility of future claims, while verification confirms the truthfulness of past claims. These processes are vital for maintaining trust, transparency and reliability in everything from greenhouse gas emissions reporting to claims about sustainability practices.

Accredited verification and validation bodies are key players in addressing climate change. They support environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities, help avoid inconsistent reporting and make it easier to distinguish genuine efforts from “greenwashing.”

Real stories, real impact

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Bei Wang: ensuring excellence and enjoying the journey

"The most rewarding part of being an assessor is providing clear interpretations of the ISO requirements and helping new companies strengthen their quality management systems. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see these organizations grow and improve. What I enjoy most is ensuring the robustness and credibility of the accredited verification and validation bodies, and continuously learning and experiencing new things. Every day brings a new challenge and the chance to meet great people."

– Bei Wang, Lead Specialist, and Verification and Validation Lead Assessor

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Abdel Kassou: driving global trust and innovation for a sustainable future

"Our team’s work at SCC is crucial to build trust and drive innovation in emerging sectors like clean technologies. Our Verification and Validation Accreditation Program is recognized by various voluntary and mandatory programs throughout Canada, and as a signatory to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA), our accreditation is widely accepted internationally. This enhances trust and global cooperation. Being part of this process makes me feel like I’m contributing to something greater—protecting our environment and supporting global efforts to address climate change."

– Abdel Kassou, Manager, Compliance and Assessment Services and Verification and Validation Lead Assessor Lead Assessor

Photo of Gabriel Kerwin

Gabriel Kerwin: advancing clean technology through the Clean Fuels Regulations scheme

"Launching the Clean Fuels Regulations (CFR) scheme in 2023 was an important milestone for SCC. We partnered with Environment and Climate Change Canada to accredit bodies that verify organizations' applications and reports related to the Clean Fuel Regulations. The CFR’s goal is to spark innovation in clean technologies and promote the use of low-carbon fuels throughout the Canadian economy. Since its inception, interest has been very strong, and we’ve more than doubled our pool of accredited verification and validation bodies. This helps drive innovation and meet the growing demand in the sector. It’s exciting to see the tangible benefits of our work in reducing emissions and advancing clean technology adoption."

– Gabriel Kerwin, Account Manager and Project Lead for the CFR Scheme

Training: Introduction to ISO/IEC 17029 and ISO 14065

Boost your expertise with our practical courses in conformity assessment. Designed for both seasoned professionals and newcomers, this training equips you with the knowledge to effectively apply standards in your organization. Our course offers a thorough understanding of validation and verification principles, preparing you for accreditation assessment activities.

Who should attend: Staff and contractors with validation and verification bodies. Register or request a private workshop.

Get involved: help shape international standards

International standards development is fueled by professionals who join committees to represent their country. Our members share their time and expertise to advance Canada’s best interests through mirror committees and governance work at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Find out how you can become a member.

Join our accreditation team

We’re always looking to grow our pool of qualified assessors, inspectors and technical experts. Hired on a contractual basis, they have the flexibility to accept assessment assignments on a case-by-case basis. In addition to compensation for all work associated with assessments, SCC also pays for travel and accommodations. Apply online to join our team.

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