A smart city uses data to improve how it operates and shares information, to provide a better quality of life to its citizens. With strong data, decision makers can have the information they need to make solid investments in their services, focusing on the areas that need it most. Economic development and strategic planning can be aimed at resilience preparedness, climate mitigation, clean transit, and affordable housing, to create more sustainable cities.

Canadian Publicly Available Specification (PAS)

Canadian Procedure for Laboratory Testing of Oil-Grit Separators

This publicly available specification provides guidance for testing and verification of stormwater manufactured treatment devices.

Canadian Procedure for Field Testing of Stormwater Filtration Manufactured Treatment Devices

This procedure is to be used as the basis for stormwater filtration technology performance field testing and subsequent verification.

Guidance on the Use and Application of Results from Verified Laboratory and Field Testing for Stormwater Manufactured Treatment Devices

Guidance on how performance data from verified testing can be interpreted and applied to support regulatory agency approval decisions. 

Environmental Technology Verification 


Environmental issues such as climate change, air quality, clean water and clean soil create challenges for countries around the world, including Canada. Innovative technologies and products can help address some of these challenges by reducing pollutants and emissions. Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) helps demonstrate these products live up to their performance claims.

ETV and clean technology

From dust control to bio-hazardous waste treatment, learn how ETV supports Canada’s clean tech industry.



ETV helps Toronto breathe easier

When the City of Toronto learned that poor air quality was posing serious health risks to its residents, it decided to use Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) to ensure that new street sweepers could remove as much fine road dust as their manufacturers claimed.