The first step in developing a useful and relevant standard in a subject area is to understand the existing landscape of standards and related documents. CSG collects this information into one, accessible platform, following a structured but non-accredited process. This allows users to better understand emerging or existing technologies, current practices, and developments. CSG can support further analysis to identify standardization gaps and opportunities, and the development of more formal standardization documents. This online information hub can enable a wide range of stakeholders to collaborate, locally, nationally, or globally, and help to build consensus.

CSG is:

  • Ideal for broad subject areas where normal standardization deliverables are not suitable
  • A way to raise awareness and credibility to the need for standardization in specific areas
  • Useful to support other standardization deliverables
  • Adherent to basic principles of standards development, including transparency, collaboration, and fairness
  • Not restricted to accredited standards development organizations for development
1. Proposal
Identify need and rationale, along with preliminary documents, and potential stakeholders
2. Notice of Development
Inform public/stakeholders of intent to develop CSG
3. Platform
Provide efficient, moderated, accessible online platform with clear objectives
4. Content
Compile and add relevant and appropriate content, respecting principles of efficiency and ongoing maintenance
5. Maintenance
Maintain content according to identified lifecycle and project objectives

Other standards


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Other Recognized Document

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National Technical Specification

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National Standard of Canada

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