Access to information and privacy (ATIP)

Our commitment to transparency

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. We are committed to meeting our obligations under this legislation. We respect your right of access and balance that with protecting commercially sensitive, corporate and third-party information.


How to make a request

You can submit your access to information or privacy request online or by mail. 

There is a cost of $5 for each access to information request. 

  • The fee can be paid online. 
  • If you’re mailing your application, please send a money order or cheque payable to the Standards Council of Canada. Do not send cash in the mail. 
  • There is no fee for requests for personal information.


Submit a request online

The Access to Information and Personal Information Online Request Service makes it easy for you to submit requests for access to information or personal information. You can make your request for information that is under the control of Government of Canada institutions online instead of having to print, scan, and email or mail a form to a specific institution.

Submit request online

Mail your request

To make a request by mail: 


Describe the information you are seeking. Include relevant details to help the Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Branch find the information you need. Mail your request to:

Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
600-55 Metcalfe St
Ottawa ON  K1P 6L5

Contact our ATIP team directly.
Phone: 1-613-238-3222


How we support the application process

We work to process requests under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act by:

  • processing requests in a consistent, equitable manner
  • offering reasonable help during the request process
  • giving you information about the Acts 
  • giving you information about the processing of your request and your right to complain to the Information Commissioner of Canada or to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  • letting you know if you need to clarify your request in a reasonable timeframe
  • making every reasonable effort to locate and retrieve the records you requested that are under the SCC’s control 
  • applying limited and specific exemptions to the records you request
  • providing you with accurate and complete responses
  • giving you timely access to the information you request
  • providing records in the format and official language you request
  • providing an appropriate location for you to examine the information you request


Completed access to information requests

You can find summaries of completed access to information requests on the Government of Canada’s Open Government portal within 30 calendar days after the end of each month. You may request a copy of any records of interest. Summaries are available for any Government of Canada institution that is subject to the Access to Information Act.


Annual reports under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act

We prepare and table reports in Parliament on our administration of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act for the preceding fiscal year. This is a legislative requirement. You can view the reports from previous fiscal years below:



Access to Information Act Annual Report 2022-2023
Privacy Act Annual Report 2022-2023


Info Source

Info Source is a publication that contains information about all Government of Canada departments, how they are organized and the information they hold. This includes Crown corporations, such as SCC. Info Source helps you exercise your rights as a member of the public under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

View Info Source


Privacy notice

We are committed to protecting your privacy. The privacy notice explains how we will collect, use, retain, disclose, dispose of and secure personal information about visitors to our website.

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