SCC accreditation sends a clear message that people can count on your organization’s certification, inspection, testing, verification or validation services. Our accreditation team helps create trust in systems, products, processes and services. As a Government of Canada Crown corporation, we are held to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. This lends added reliability to our services.   


We offer accreditation and recognition programs for the following:

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Accreditation Programs

ISO/IEC 17024                                                                                

OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice

ISO/IEC 17020                                                               

SCC Requirements & Guidance - Accreditation of Standards Development Organization

ISO/IEC 17029, ISO 14065, ISO 14066…

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Why choose SCC

Our accreditation sends a clear message that people can count on your organization. We are held to the highest standards as a signatory to ILAC and IAF international agreements, and as a Canadian Crown corporation.

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Steps to accreditation

Embark on accreditation or transfer to SCC with confidence. Our team supports your journey, providing personalized, customer-centric services for organizations of all sizes.


The SCC Learning Centre offers a range of public and tailor-made accreditation and standardization training courses. Our top-notch instructors are industry leaders who share their passion with Canadian and international participants.