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Urban Heat Island Mapping Workshop: What We Heard

The effects of urban heat islands pose a threat to Canadians, our infrastructure, and environment. The Standards Council of Canada, alongside four leading organizations from across Canada, hosted a workshop in Fall 2022 to...

New Report: keeping kids cool while they play

Playgrounds serve an important role in the early development of our children, introducing them to outdoor fun and encouraging active, creative play. Sometimes, particularly during the deep heat of the summer months, those...


"Standardization in the field of limits and particular methods of measurement for control of radio frequency disturbances from industrial, scientific and medical electrical equipment also including particular industrial...

Thermally Comfortable Playgrounds

Thermally Comfortable Playgrounds collects the latest research and practical knowledge into one document. It draws upon a literature review and a survey of experts while summarizing design practices and site features that...

Circular solutions for a changing world: Q&A ...

Environmental sustainability and the circular economy are closely connected ideas. Their main goal is to ensure we don't exhaust our resources or continue to harm the planet excessively. The two work together to find smart...