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National Community-Sourced Guidance

Summary: A Community-Sourced deliverable is developed as a result of the collection of information using online platforms and allows for the continuous renewal of content, which is of paramount importance. This process does...
Flexible Standard

Community-Sourced Guidance

The first step in developing a useful and relevant standard in a subject area is to understand the existing landscape of standards and related documents. CSG collects this information into one, accessible platform, following...
Notice of Intent

Infrastructure in Permafrost: A guideline for...

Introduction to the Guideline Infrastructure in the North commonly depends on permafrost for its foundation material. Such infrastructure should be designed with full consideration for the potential of climate change...

SCC adds Publicly Available Specification to ...

In response to the rapidly evolving commercial and societal needs of Canadians, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) have released new guidance for developing a fast-track standards-based tool to help industry, government...