SCC-accredited DNA relationship testing laboratories

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) only accepts DNA test results from laboratories accredited by SCC as proof of relationship for immigration and citizenship purposes. These analyses establish genetic parent-child connections and relationships between siblings, supporting immigration applications and citizenship by descent. 

Our accreditation ensures testing laboratories provide reliable, third-party verified results, enhancing their credibility and industry reputation. Accreditation is widely recognized as a reliable indicator of technical competence, prompting industries to routinely seek accreditation for their DNA relationship testing laboratory service providers.

You can schedule an appointment with the SCC-accredited laboratory of your choice.

British Columbia Institute of Technology
Forensic DNA Laboratory
+1 604 451 7027

DDC/DNA Diagnostics Center
Customer Support- DNA Testing Services
+1 800 681 7162

Genetrack Biolabs Inc.
Immigration DNA Test Support Team
+1 888 828 1899

Bureau Veritas Guelph Laboratory
DNA Relationship Testing
+ 1 877-897-3526

Orchid PRO-DNA
Division of Dynacare-Gamma Laboratory Partnership
DNA Relationship Testing Customer Care
+1 800 563 4363 (English) 
+1 800 565 4505 (French)

Wyndham Forensic Group Inc.
DNA Relationship testing
+1 855 278 4377

Note: Many of these laboratories have collection sites across Canada to submit samples for testing. Information about collection sites are available on the laboratory’s website.