Taking a leading role in the cannabis industry

As the first OECD country to legalize recreational cannabis, Canada has been able to get ahead of the game by leading the development of international cannabis standards. This has enabled us to not only protect consumers at home and around the world, but to promote Canada’s economic interests.

SCC worked directly with the NRC to coordinate Canadian input through the National Cannabis Standardization Advisory Committee. As well, Health Canada identified how standards can support Canada’s regulatory framework for cannabis. Canadian stakeholders requested SCC’s support to convene and coordinate a Canadian advisory committee to ASTM D37 to ensure that participation is balanced among interest groups, and that Canadian perspectives and requirements are represented.

Additionally, we helped innovative companies like Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis Inc. to address gaps in the industry regarding product safety. When SCC began working with Aurora, there was a lack of industry best practices. But we helped the company to develop a framework that resulted in 13 standards that will ensure that cannabis and cannabis products are safe for use.