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Flexible Standards-Based Strategies and Solutions

SCC works within the standardization network to find ways to leverage standardization to meet the needs of all its stakeholders – from government to industry, to each Canadian we serve. Those needs are evolving and require...
Strengthening Canada’s Standardization Network - Avoiding Duplication of Standards and Effort
As the leader of Canada’s standardization network, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) worked with numerous stakeholders to address the duplication of standards used in Canada, and the duplication of effort of those...

New standards guidance document published for...

Organizations aiming to become more diverse and inclusive can now access new guidance to help them. The Standards Council of Canada (SCC), working with the Ted Rogers School of Management’s Diversity Institute and with...
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Data Governance in Human Research

Note: CIO Strategy Council announced an organizational name change to the Digital Governance Council (DGC), effective January 30, 2023 and the creation of a new standards development division, Digital Governance Standards...

Canadian Data Governance Standardization Roadmap

The Canadian Data Governance Standardization Roadmap tackles the challenging questions we face when we talk about standardization and data governance. It describes the current and desired Canadian standardization landscape...
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Data Governance in Human Research

This NSC applies to all individuals engaged in human research activities, including human research participants, as well as all for-profit and not-for-profit, public, and private organizations conducting human research and/or...