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Moving forward together: 2021-2022 Annual Report

From Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to public health and wellness, we worked closely with our partners throughout the year to define standardization strategies for the most complex, interconnected challenges...

An ounce of prevention: Standards as a tool to...

The purpose of this research was to determine the impact of standardization on unintentional deaths. While accidents are a complex problem with many contributing factors, the findings indicate that standardization can play an...

Amplifying our impact 2022–2023 Annual Report

Standardization enhances quality of life for people across Canada and around the world. It makes products and services safer and improves their functionality. But to have the greatest impact, the standardization system must...

Canadian Data Governance Standardization Roadmap

The Canadian Data Governance Standardization Roadmap tackles the challenging questions we face when we talk about standardization and data governance. It describes the current and desired Canadian standardization landscape...

National Standards Strategy

The National Standards Strategy is a comprehensive strategy that explores new thinking and new priorities and engages with new stakeholders in the standards network. It considers the current geopolitical environment, national...

Thermally Comfortable Playgrounds

Thermally Comfortable Playgrounds collects the latest research and practical knowledge into one document. It draws upon a literature review and a survey of experts while summarizing design practices and site features that...