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Conformity assessment courses

Our courses on standards development help deepen knowledge to effectively use standards and participate in their shaping their future. These courses are designed to give SCC members, and any professional interested in standards, the tools to get involved...

Moving forward together: 2021-2022 Annual Report

From Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to public health and wellness, we worked closely with our partners throughout the year to define standardization strategies for the most complex, interconnected challenges...
Notice of Intent

Information technology - Sharable Content Object...

1.1. Introduction to the SCORM Content Aggregation Model (CAM) Book The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is often described as a set of books on a bookshelf. The Content Aggregation Model (CAM) book is one of a...


Standards are vital to securing a sustainable future and Canada’s economic prosperity. To realize this potential, we educate today’s innovators, businesses and future industry leaders on the value of standardization and how to leverage its benefits...

SCC’s Innovation Initiative

Whether it is a company that has developed a cutting-edge idea, or an established business that is adapting to stay relevant, innovation offers organizations the key to success. In 2017, the federal government announced an...