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Policy on Accreditation Symbol Use

SCC makes accreditation and recognition symbols available to accredited or recognized organizations (“Organization”) to illustrate their accreditation status with SCC. These symbols are specific to a particular accreditation...
Notice of Intent

Information Technology - Computer Graphics and...

This International Standard defines the encoding rules which shall apply to the representation of IPI-IIF image data. The IPI-IIF data format is defined in ISO/IEC 12087-3, called Image Interchange Facility (IIF). It is Part...

Program Overview - Canadian Standards Development

This document provides an overview of the CSD Program, which SCC governs as part of its mandate. For the purposes of expediency, the acronym CSD – POV will be used. The following areas are included: Process for SDO...
Notice of Intent

Information Technology - Computer Graphics and...

This part of ISO/IEC 12087 facilitates the interchange of digital images. For this purpose, conceptual, architectural, and functional definitions of the Image Interchange Facility (IPI-IIF) are established. ISO/IEC 12087-3...
Notice of Intent

CAN-ASC-5.2.1 Part 1: Design and Delivery of ...

Note: The comment period for this NOI has been extended to July 11, 2024 to allow for a collaborative discussion to take place between SCC-accredited SDOs. The purpose of standard CAN-ASC-5.2.1 Part 1 is to ensure the...