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Urban Heat Island Mapping Workshop: What We Heard

The effects of urban heat islands pose a threat to Canadians, our infrastructure, and environment. The Standards Council of Canada, alongside four leading organizations from across Canada, hosted a workshop in Fall 2022 to...

Rising Seas and Shifting Sands

Combining natural and grey infrastructure to protect Canada’s eastern and western coastal communities This report describes how Canada can scale-up the use of nature-based solutions, in tandem with grey infrastructure, to...

Beyond Disclosure: Driving Performance & Trust...

Getting beyond greenwashing through standardization Environmental, Social and Governance performance (or ESG) is an increasingly important topic amongst organizations around the world, driven in large part by growing consumer...

SCC’s Innovation Initiative

Whether it is a company that has developed a cutting-edge idea, or an established business that is adapting to stay relevant, innovation offers organizations the key to success. In 2017, the federal government announced an...