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SCC and WaterPower Canada enter partnership to...

Anne-Raphaëlle Audouin, President and CEO of WaterPower Canada, and Chantal Guay, CEO of SCC, sign a cooperation arrangement at a virtual ceremony that celebrates the milestone while respecting COVID-19 restrictions. The...

Young Professionals Standardization Framework

Proactive engagement and retention of young professionals in Canada’s standardization network is a key objective for the SCC and its partners. Of the 3,300 SCC members, roughly 16% are under 40 years of age. Appropriate...

Diversity and inclusion

Canada’s climate is changing twice as fast as the global average, and it is affecting our built environment: the places we live and work. Our smallest communities to our largest cities need standardization to help address current and future challenges so...

National Standards Strategy

The National Standards Strategy is a comprehensive strategy that explores new thinking and new priorities and engages with new stakeholders in the standards network. It considers the current geopolitical environment, national...